You are the King and the beloved Queen and joke`s on you. Long long time ago, in the far Middle Age, there was no feast without King's favorite buffoons: creepy, twisted, but funny jesters. It’s your moment for traveling through time, surprise yourself, feel the breath of fire, but be careful as you might find yourself inside, in between the fires. This is the act which breaks the boundaries of use of fire elements, moving fire from castle to the crowded streets. There is no more audience, all participate.
So far spinning and turning was only reserve for Dervish dancers and man dancers. We decided to change this logic and develop a new concept of dance, a dance who can be performed in any space under any conditions. This requires a great dancing and ballet skill and openness for new idea of dance. Our dancers are not afraid to had endless spinning movements as they know how beautiful this might look for outside eyes.
This is first fire show who is not only fire show, as it is a stage performance who deal with very important question of our human needs. Тhis is one of rear combination of fire performance who can be understand as dealing with very important questions through idea of show, dance, dancing with fire. We ask us who is first man who dare to dance with fire, to make it spin around and to spread light on space around us. Dare to see, dare to face pure fire.
Tripcycle combines vibrations of experimental instrumental music with dance segments and on scene animations and effects which include installations and video projections. TC is a project which had its own unique approach to multimedia event which, to some is a concert, to others a dance, for some it is a theater and for others nothing of the above but a symbiosis which opens in front of the audience a new dimension of concert performance.