Puppet Master

Some may say- not a normal person... I say- normal puppeteer!

I am  a puppeteer and actress. My work is dedicated to theater and everything similar that you can imagine. During these 15 years of my life as a creator of performance and entertainment I`ve been through a lot of different styles, changes and shapes, according to new experiences. Now, my work is based on making puppets, costumes or scenography, especially for  puppet plays for kids and adults. From simple guignols to more complicates puppets, from stage on a street to complicated and demanding scenography design, everything is possible if you meet me.

My education started in Novi Sad, that is the place I have fallen in love with puppets on stage, and continued in Bulgaria on a National Academy for theater and movie art. In Serbia, you don`t have such an education on Academy, you can hardly find a teaching on a subject of puppeteering on acting classes, directing classes, or dramaturgy, scene design or anything related to. And yet we have professional puppet theaters in Serbia. There may be 10 people with high education of puppetry in this country and I`m among them there is me.

Not institutional woman- but institutional mind!

Everything can be related to theater and stage and that is how I approach to my work.
Puppets that I make can be used in theater or movie, but they can be used in a bed time story or a kindergarten, or a street. Costumes I make you can use for drama or puppet play or street art, entertainment act… Everything I do now with my team is new challenge with maximum effort to make it the best off!

I wanted one- now I have dozen!
In the beginning, like thousands of others, I wanted to act on a stage. Well, my dream came through but in an awkward way. Lot of travelling and getting into different projects on locations you can`t imagine puppet show is wanted, or theater generally or high level spaces like Biennale in Venice, my work was not always just to act, but to learn how to make things for shows and how to make them work. Than how to write or how to direct and make a show. So, I wanted one talent- to act, but I got dozen, by accident.