Keep the kids occupied with a familiar face. These clowns know all the tricks and they’ve got the capacity to keep a show running while those commercial activities go on without a glitch. Get yourself a clown and keep those events cheerful and entertained and the kids active and uncomplaining.

Everybody loves pyrotechnics. Get a fire show to add spark to the night and get the energy going. They flip, spin and play with fire, and the show adds a flame-bright edge to your event. They make for a great conclusion to a night of entertainment.

 Human statues confuse, amuse and attract the attention of people. They generate curiosity and questions, and can be adapted to meet the needs of your establishment. Get them in the colours you want, in the costumes to suit your requirements.

Animate people with some interactive entertainers. These performers can keep the spirits high with their giddy antics and oddity of behavior. Throw some mime acts into your event and watch the atmosphere change. These costumed creatures bring screams and laughter with them.

Pupeteer can do almost impossible things to revive the inanimate, to revive the things you normally do not even notice that from the old quilt from the closet make dolls that talk. Moreover it lies in the magic fingers movement, acting and animation so that no hero from fairy tales...

Induce a feeling of vertigo into the audience with silk dancers. They’re great for indoor entertainment, especially malls, and their airborne antics have a hypnotic quality. They bring acrobatics with a dramatic edge to your event, and they always please the crowd.

Introduce an anomaly of height into the crowd with some stilt walkers. From trapped butterflies to excessively tall humans, the stilt entertainers get people curious and attract attention with ease. Give your event a height boost and get the audience talking.